Professor H. M. Shah Memorial award

Professor H. M. Shah Memorial award is open to all the members of the Nematological Society of India. The award, which is offered once in two years carries a value of Rs. 5000/- and is given to the best contributor in the field of Nematology as evidenced by papers published during the preceding five years. NSI invites applications for this award. All those interested in competing the award are required to send five copies of a write-up (not exceeding 10 typed pages in double space), five copies of the list of publication alongwith reprints of these papers published during this period. The entries for consideration of the award are sent to the General Secretary, Nematological Society of India, Division of Nematology, IARI, New Delhi –110012. The following are the rules and regulation for the award:

1. The award is given to the best cumulative outstanding research contribution on during the period of five years preceding the date of consideration of the award. The contribution has to be based on published research papers in scientific journals.

2. The award is given in cash with necessary citation for ‘Best Published Research work done in the field of Nematology in India’ during the five years proceeding the years of the award.

3. The contestant or atleast one of the contestants must be the member(s) of Nematological Society of India.

4. There could be more than one author in the research contribution but the contestant must be an author in all the papers irrespective of senior or junior position. In case two or more authors are common in all the research papers the award money will be divided equally among all the authors.

5. The receipt of the award shall not exclude a scientist or a group of scientists from being considered for the subsequent awards but in order to encourage intensive research activities in the field of Nematology, the award shall not be given to the same scientist or group of scientists, before a lapse of two intervening periods.

6. The work should have been carried out under Indian conditions.

7. The scientist/scientists wining the Award will be required to present their contributions in the Society’s meeting.

8. The decision of the judging Committee shall be final.

9. All the formalities for the selection of the awardee(s) are completed by the General Secretary and the judges well before the meeting of the Society.