G.I.D’ Souza Memorial Award

  1. The Award is given for significant basic or applied research leading to results of practical importance in the field of plant Nematology.
  2. Value of the Award : Prize money of the value of Rs. 6000/-in cash including all connected expenses with a Citation and a Momento.
  3. Periodicity of the Award: Once in two years
  4. Purpose of the Award: To create incentive for research workers in the field of Nematology to contain losses caused by plant parasitic nematodes.
  5. Administration of Award:Nematological Society of India has the sole right of selection of the recipient of the Award and of the formulation of rules governing such selections.
  6. Eligibility for the Award:All research workers above the age of 55 years but below 70 years.
  7. Procedure of the selection:
      i. Nomination are invited by the Society from the members of the Executive Committee of the Society.
      ii. Nominations received are screened by the General Secretary and are finalized by the Executive Committee.  Nominee is not allowed to take part in decision making process. After the acceptance of a nomination by majority in the Executive Committee, the award is announced.
  8. Presentation of the Award:The Awardee is required to deliver a lecture at the biennial symposium/conference organized by the Society and one Page profile of the awardee along with the photograph is printed in the journal. Full text of the lecture (not exceed 20 pages typed in double space) of the awardee is also printed in the journal. The manuscript should not exceed 20 pages typed in double space).