Online submission

You may also email a soft copy to

Online submission 

You may also email a soft copy to


The Indian Journal of Nematology is published twice a year. Original papers on all aspects of plant-parasitic, entomopathogenic and other soil-inhabiting nematodes will be considered for publication. Other publications will include short communications, papers discussing new concepts and abstracts of papers presented at the symposia sponsored by the Nematological Society of India. The author should be a member of the Nematological Society of India; a non-member, however, can communicate his papers through one of the members of the Society. For publication of the paper in Journal all the authors must pay the membership fee.


Submission Format

All manuscripts are to be typed in English, double-spaced throughout, including tables and citations, on A4 paper with 2.5 cm margin all around. A short title should be given at the beginning of each article. Manuscript should be sent to the Indian Journal of Nematology, Division of Nematology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi-110 012, India, with the understanding that it is to be published exclusively in the Indian Journal of Nematology. Online submission can be made through the website with a soft copy sent (optional) to the official email of the society. You need not send the hard copy of the manusript. Papers will be reviewed by the subject specialists and decision regarding acceptance will be communicated to the contributors in due time.


Submission Details

Normally, papers should not exceed 6 printed pages but longer papers will be considered on merits. However, contributors may be charged to pay extra cost of printing of the pages exceeding six. Metric and Celsius units are to be used. Title of the paper should be followed by author's name, institutional affiliation, address, a condensed factual abstract, keywords, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, any acknowledgements and references. The page number should be marked on the right hand corner of each page of the manuscript. For taxonomic papers, authors are advised to send the type / identified specimens alongwith the manuscript for deposition in National Nematode collection of India at Division of Nematology, I.A.R.I., New Delhi-110012, India.


Figures and Illustrations

Each table should be typed in a separate page. Figure legends are also to be typed on a separate sheet. Figures, illustrations and lettering should be large enough on final reduction, and in planning taxonomic plates, proportions of the journal page size (28.0cm x 22.0 cm) should be kept in mind to allow for the figure legends. Photocopies of the original illustrations are to be sent at the time of sending manuscripts and original illustrations are to be sent only after acceptance of the paper is intimated. Author's name and serial number of the figure should be written on the back side of the illustrations or photographs lightly with pencil. Coloured illustrations will not be printed. Data are to be presented either by tables or figures, not by both. An identical copy of the manuscript may also be supplied on a 3.5" floppy diskette in MS-Word, as far as possible.



References cited in the text should be listed alphabetically and the citations should be complete including authors, year of publication, title of article, journal, volume and inclusive pages. Abbreviations should be as in the World List of Scientific periodicals. e.g. Linford, M.B. & Yap, F. (1940). Some host plants of the reniform nematode in Hawaii. Proc. helminth. Soc. Wash. 7 : 42-44; White, P.R. (1943). A handbook of plant tissue culture, Jaques Cattel Press, Lancaster, Penn., pp. 277.


Other Details

International rules of nomenclature should be followed in naming of organisms. Binomials should be underlined.The trade names of nematicides and other chemicals should be preceded by their chemical nomenclature.



While submitting the manuscript the authors must ensure that plagiarism check has been carried out and their paper has less than 10% plagiarism content. A certificate  to this effect must be submitted for publication of the paper in the journal.

The manuscript submitted for publication in the Indian Journal of Nematology must not have been submitted simultaneously to any other journal for consideration.

Contribution made by each author should be communicated in a separate letter while submission of the manuscript.

Corresponding author must ensure that all the authors have read the manuscript before submission and have agreed to and  given the consent for submission of the paper.

The manuscript must include only the unpublished data/work. The results must be clearly presented. Authors must ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data/ procedures followed. Author(s) must not fabricate, falsify or manipulate the data/images/photos inappropriately. If the manuscript contains any copyright material the permission for its publication must be obtained prior to manuscript submission.

Authors must acknowledge the financial support received for carrying out the work. The conflict of interest must also be mentioned. 

Research involving animals must ensure that all the relevant legal requirements of the local/national/international authority have been adhered to.